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NZ Couple experience in COVID Hotel + AKL Protest on Lockdown happened today

Watch video from couple returning from Europe to NZ and their experience in Hotel Isolation:  Coronavirus Quarantine in New Zealand | Returning Home in Lockdown Especially at 7min30sec the man Myron in video states: ' I didn't get tested (for COVID) because what ever Hannah's results are (Hannah showing flu symptoms), are going to be the same for me (even though man not showing symptoms)... curious... Is this not artificially bumping up COVID numbers stats unncessarily? and same video at 9:10min Hannah shares Í have all the symptoms of COVID, am awaiting my results, we are not allowed outside our room, but the cleaners have been forced to come into our room , while we are in here, because we can't leave, we don't even get any notice (of the cleaners) 'and the man adds ' no one should be coming in here without full robes (we) feel so bad (for the cleaners). Source: Hannah & Myron Youtube channel NEWSFLASH: This protest against Lockdown happened today