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The New Zealand Military and some insight on how it works in 2021

 I know a few military people both existing and past, in New Zealand, and also have had some exposure as an 'elite waiter' in UK in 2014 being amongst British Generals, and so forth ( read blog post 'Royal Legion wants to rewrite history here ). My mum's dad was a Filipino General (Rest in Peace), and so forth.  I'm no military expert, but I have come across enough people I know in person, and heard enough of THEIR stories that I'm starting to build a picture a bit.  I see the military as the 'mafia henchmen' of the governments. They do the dirty work. Sure governments can ALSO contract out to other agencies such as merceneries who just collect a paycheck. But it's all contracted under umbrella companies with nice sounding names, to hide the real entity and agenda of that agency. And in the end the government is clean handed from the real dirty work. So in the past wars, pre-internet age, military was mostly boots on the ground, with main telecommuni

2020 Wrapup for Auckland Mama Gigs - see you next year! Photos.

 Great photo of the crew from the last Auckland Mama Market of 2020 at Milford last Saturday!! Photography by Tabitha.   See you next year! Merry Christmas.

NZ Music Commission 2020 Christmas Party

Thanks to NZ Music commission  for a cool vibey Christmas party last night and giving us local musicians a place to hang out and connect. Lovely to catch up with existing and new musical fraaaaanz - this photo is FULL of talent! Woo. From left to right: Joanne Slagel Gabrielle Gilbert Jennie Cruse Marty from 13th Floor B2B2B DJ Tips  with  @davidridler  &  @wearefoley  🎶 Foley: what does this knob do? Ralphe: well if you twist this knob, make a face, it makes you feel the music and look cool 😎 Foley: like this? ✅