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The New Zealand Military and some insight on how it works in 2021

 I know a few military people both existing and past, in New Zealand, and also have had some exposure as an 'elite waiter' in UK in 2014 being amongst British Generals, and so forth (read blog post 'Royal Legion wants to rewrite history here). My mum's dad was a Filipino General (Rest in Peace), and so forth.

 I'm no military expert, but I have come across enough people I know in person, and heard enough of THEIR stories that I'm starting to build a picture a bit.

 I see the military as the 'mafia henchmen' of the governments. They do the dirty work. Sure governments can ALSO contract out to other agencies such as merceneries who just collect a paycheck. But it's all contracted under umbrella companies with nice sounding names, to hide the real entity and agenda of that agency. And in the end the government is clean handed from the real dirty work.

So in the past wars, pre-internet age, military was mostly boots on the ground, with main telecommunications essentially through wires like phones etc.

Now we have high speed computers. Computers so fast the general public do not have access to them. They are military grade. There are soldiers now, who I call 'Playstation Soldiers'. I know a recruit of the NZ army who says, sure he is trained to fire a gun etc, but his main role is just sitting behind the desk, as information gathering for the US army before those soldiers are deployed for missions.

And what is the main mission for 2020 and 2021? He says COVID. Of course, for our safety.... isn't it?

How often in history has the military told citizens things are for their safety? I'll leave you to ponder that.

Unfortunately for this young recruit, a promotion seems unlikely as this individual doesn't 'take things too seriously' and 'talks too much'. That makes sense, questioning is not really a thing you should pursue in the military IF you want to be promoted.

I know another NZ soldier who says he was starting to doubt certain orders so he was told to cut grass using clippers, and his perception of this was to essentially 'break his character'. Of course, break to rebuild right?

So there you have it, much like the Police with different tiers, you have sections of Military in tiers, the Playstation Soldiers, and the Mission Soldiers with heavy guns. You know the saying, diplomacy is decided through barrel of gun right?

I want to touch quickly on American geo politics, will Trump come through with the elegations of election fraud? (Care not who votes but who COUNTS the votes). Or will President 'SELECT' Biden come on top? Biden as president would make him the GENERAL of one of the biggest militaries of the world. Why is it so that he is come out now saying 'America is doomed'... like some past generals of history who have been 'bought out' to give the sombre white flag as his order, SO THAT his army is the one to eventually lose. You know what I mean?

Back to New Zealand, I want to keep my posts local. Everyone on the internet is 'an expert' now, but all I know is I am an expert on MY opinion only, what I see in person, what I hear in person, hence wanting this blog to be instinctively kiwi flavoured.

In summary, I've spoken to some NZ military this month, and I'm starting to piece together some picture for predictions of 2021. One sentence rings clear, COMMUNISM is back! The Red Influence is here! A case of import Communism Export Housing as the spearhead perhaps?

Think about it, for decades the free western capatilism has grown (much to the distaste of the East, and also to the Health of our Planet Earth). But Capatalism ran rampid for decades.

Now with Global Warming, and Environmental issues, the elite want to 'shed the numbers' so that the Planet can breathe a bit better. Throughout the 'dumpster fire of 2020 economy' small and medium business have been destroyed, many never to reopen again. So that our daddies the governments can look after us with UBI (Universal Basic Income).

My gut feeling for this is keeping the overall populace INFLUENCE down. Yip, they want us to all own nothing and BE HAPPY for it. Think about it, if no-one has enough savings to grow wealth and influence, you essentially create a subclass of obedient slaves and yes-men, who do what you want, so they can have a bit of bread and consume unlimited prescribed entertainment.

So what are your thoughts? Please comment and join the conversation. As the solution to tyranny is to create our subculture and build our own tribes, the yin yang, establishment vs the people. Replace everything they own, be it fiat vs bitcoin etc, our own INSTITUTIONS. And rebuild. 

Each of us play a part in these tribes. We have insight to different rabbit holes, but our combined intelligence and talents can counter this prescribed narrative. 

There are three types of people.
The Sheep. The SheepDog. The Wolves. Which one are you?

So let's start talking.

A blog by / 30th Dec 2020.

Side post: a blog entry I did in 2013, is their agenda here now as 'Agenda 21'? Next up Agenda 30 right?